Call to Action: Sustainability Books Needed for the Ashland Public Library

We want to build a “Sustainability” section at our Town Library.  We have approached the town librarian about this idea and she is excited to partner with us.  In order to determine which books will best serve the community, we ask that you request books on sustainable practices. This will demonstrate to our librarian the need and interest in particular books on sustainability.   We would like you to do this in two ways:

1)  Request your favorite books on sustainable practices through the Minuteman Inter-Library Loan.  After a few months, we will go to the library and find out which books have been requested the most and ask for donations of these books to become a part of the library’s permanent collection.  Please post your favorites in the comments below (login required).

2)  Request one or more of the following books about Transition through the Minuteman Inter-Library Loan.   We want these books to be a part of the permanent collection so that anyone can learn about Transition:

Transition Town Handbook
Hopkins, R. and Heinberg, Richard  (2008) The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, Chelsea Green Publishing.

The Transition Companion:  Making your Community more Resilient in Uncertain Times
Hopkins, Rob (2011)

Transition in Action: Totnes and District 2030, An Energy Descent Action Plan
Hopkins, Rob and Hodgson, Jacqi (2010)

By requesting these and other books on sustainable practices, you are demonstrating to the library the need for these books in the community.  Plus, these books are great reads!  They will help us all in navigating the road ahead!


P.S.  Don’t forget to post your favorites in the comments below!


Permaculture: A Designers' Manual

Transition US actually recommends having one or more members of the initiating group be trained in permaculture. The Transition movement borrows many ideas and ideasl from permaculture and having this knowledge in the initiating team seems to contribute to a groups success at growing and thriving. Although not required reading for anyone who is interested in Transition, this should probably be required reading for anyone who wants to lead a working group or join the initiating group. 

This is a very dense book, but a foundational one. It could be a good donation, as there is only one in the network at this time.