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Call to Action: Sustainability Books Needed for the Ashland Public Library

We want to build a “Sustainability” section at our Town Library.  We have approached the town librarian about this idea and she is excited to partner with us.  In order to determine which books will best serve the community, we ask that you request books on sustainable practices. This will demonstrate to our librarian the need and interest in particular books on sustainability.   We would like you to do this in two ways:

ReSkilling -an Extraordinary and Empowering Gift For Our Children and Ourselves

With the close of the gift-giving season I am thinking a lot about what gifts mean to our 2 ½ year old son.  I remember my childhood being enriched by a few really well-designed toys that I played with for years.  With these toys, I formed deep imaginative relationships which provided outlets for me to explore my world.  Seeing the high volume of toys in other people’s houses, I noticed that children often don’t feel bonded with any particular toy.  I see kids playing with one toy for a few minutes and then casting it off to play with another toy and another and another.

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